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Del Mp3 Karaoke 5.0

Player and editor for karaoke files
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Play karaoke tracks, sing over them and record your voice. Cut the lyrics into syllables and synchronize them to the music.

If you are a Karaoke aficionado, if you want to set up a small party that includes some Karaoke time or if you just want to edit Karaoke files, Del Mp3 Karaoke is the right tool. It’s a complete, all-in-one application that represents much more than just a Karaoke file player. It’s also a Karaoke editor, sound recorder, MIDI mixer, synchronizer, and more.

It comes with a lot of features and a wide range of customization possibilities. The appearance of the window that displays the text of the songs can be configured in every little detail. You can choose the text colors, fonts, number of rows, and more.

Another thing that I like a lot about this application is its powerful synchronization capabilities. It deploys reliable techniques, either based on user input or on an automated timer, that make the synchronization truly accurate. Anyway, the most important feature of this application is the fact that it lets you create your own, ready for use, karaoke files from your favorite music. Mp3 files are also supported.

Despite the fact that it is a powerful, comprehensive and feature-rich application that offers a lot of functions and will most certainly satisfy any Karaoke fan, Del MP3 Karaoke is also free. Its only minor downside is the fact that its interface looks a bit dull and outdated. Anyway, this can be easily ignored considering the many great features that this application offers for free.

Margie Smeer
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  • Offers plenty of customization options
  • Provides accurate synchronization capabilities
  • Free


  • Its interface looks a bit outdated
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